Champion 2000+ Juicer Grain Mill Attachment

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The grain mill attachment for the Champion 2000 is an excellent addition to the healthy kitchen.

It attaches quickly and easily to the Champion. Freshly milled flour is abundant in nutrients and fibre which is missing in store bought varieties.

You can mill wheat, rye, oats, barley or rice into fine or coarse flour. Constructed of all die-cast aluminum, the compact mill is built to last. Operated by the Champion Juicer's heavy-duty 1/3 hr motor, the mill is easy to clean using a steel brush to clean the cutter blades after the front plate is removed.

The sharp, cool-cutting blades are designed to shear-cut the whole grain into microscopic granules, without the fine dust, leaving bran fibre roughage. The granules of endosperm elements are blended for goodness and readily hydrated to make delicious foods.

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All ground grain is self-bagged (2 cups) which means the kitchen is free of fine dust.

The Champion 2000+ Juicer Grain Mill Attachment can be used to make your own fresh healthy flours, corn meal, coffee and other dried grain.

* The Grain Mill Attachment fits all Champion Models
* Easy to install and operate
* Clean, dust free operation
* Simple adjustments for Coarse or Fine materials

The Champion 2000+ Juicer Grainmill Attachment is recommended for:
* Grains - wheat, rye, barley, buckwheat, dried corn kernels and rice.
* Dry Beans - peppercorns, mung beans, dried white navy beans, black beans, cracked soybean, and coffee beans.