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Maqui and Acai are the ultimate purple antioxidant superfoods - there's a 500mg dose of each in every Purple Luvju. We've also added Raw Cacao, Sour Cherries and White Mulberries to complete your super antioxidant fix.

What is it?
A juicy explosion of energising antioxidant goodness! Loving Earth's Purple Luvju contains a 500 mg dose of each of the highest antioxidising berries in existence: Maqui and Acai. To these we’ve added cashew, white mulberry, sour cherry and cacao, moulding them into a classic heart-shape. What we end up with is a really juicy multi-dimensional flavour arising between the creaminess of the cashew and the white mulberry together with the tartness and the bitterness of the sour cherry and the cacao. Finally, the maqui and acai comes in over the end, resulting in a beautiful purple colour.

We’ve using the first compostable metalised film that’s just come out in Europe for our Luvju bars. We’ve had it laminated to a paper finish on the outside, so it’s actually 96% plant-based compostable material. The dispenser box is printed on recycled board with vegetable inks and includes a unique design incorporating a totem on the front to reflect the spirit of each flavour. With Purple Luvju we’ve got a baby condor, which symbolises energy, strength and rebirth, due to the inclusion of the antioxidants.

Ingredients: Organic Raw Cashews, Organic White Mulberries, Organic Sour Cherries, Organic Raw Cacao Nibs, Organic Maqui, Organic Acai