Cashew Nuts - Truly Raw from Bali

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We source these delicious raw cashews from a small-scale growers' co-operative in Bali who have developed both ecological sustainability in the dry north east of Bali and economic viability from these delicious cashews.

Experience the difference in taste and quality…You’ll never look for another cashew!

Cashew Tree


Our cashews are hand picked from organically certified trees and are “cracked” open with traditional knives and hand-polished to remove the “kulit ari”, a thin skin protecting the kernel. The result is a truly raw cashew kernel so incredibly sweet, soft and white that you simply won’t believe your tastebuds!

Following this traditional process of hand-processing cashews is a labour of love that has nearly disappeared around the globe.

Traditional producers on average can only prepare 2 kilos of raw kernels daily! But the difference between raw and conventionally processed cashews is unmistakable.

By buying these cashews & reinvigorating the market you assist the growers keep the high value work of processing “on-farm” and greatly increase the compensation that they receive for their efforts.

More profit for growers means greater pride of product and more focus on the maintenance, harvest and post-harvest handling of these wonderful nuts.