Loving Earth Luvju Raw Chocolate & Superfood Bars

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Loving Earth's Luvju is a delicious range of Chocolate Superfood Bars in two varieties and nine flavours.

By combining the best of all the organic foods we source and produce, we've come up with a new approach to snack foods: raw organic superfood bars. With three fruit & nut superfood flavours and four chocolate superfood flavours, you'll find one to suit all tastes!

Our five Chocolate Luvju Bars combine some old favourites with new innovations to mix these fantastic superfoods up with our Coconut Sugar Chocolate range.

5 Luvju Chocolate Bar flavours:
                                            Caramel                                                                      Dark 72% 

                                                 Mint                                                                       Coconut Mylk

                                Orange & Gubinge

Each are presented in a smooth, slinky heart shape.

We're sure that you'll love Luvju just as much as we do!

Luvju represents the gold standard in Organic Superfoods.

Our three Superfood Luvju Bars combine the ultimate in vitamin C, purple antioxidant and green superfoods with a carefully selected blend of fruits, nuts and cacao. Orange Luvju combines gubinge and camu camu with apricots, coconut and almonds in a zesty synergy of revitalisation. Purple Luvju amalgamates maqui berry powder and acai with cashews, white mulberries, sour cherries and cacao to craft a juicy explosion of energising antioxidant goodness. Green Luvju blends AFA with figs, almonds, goji berries, chia and brasil nut powder to create a protein-rich, brain-stimulating burst of tasty complexity.

Since we wanted to invest all aspects of Luvju with meaning, the packaging we’ve created is based around the classic heart symbol, formed by placing two of our drop-shaped logos together. We worked for a long time to get the first compostable metalised film that’s just become available in Europe. We’ve had it laminated to a paper finish on the outside, so it’s actually 96% plant-based recyclable material, and then designed a beautiful box that it all goes in with an inventive little dispenser printed on recycled board with vegetable inks. The artwork has also had a lot of time put into it, with a unique design on the front of each box incorporating totems which reflect the spirit of each of the flavours.