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These are raw whole unpeeled and unfermented cacao beans - mixed size.

They are grown organically but uncertified as the cost of certification is too expensive for the growers.

Many whole cacao beans on the market today including our beans are fermented to make it easier to separate the cacao beans from the pulp and also to increase assimilation of minerals such as calcium & magnesium. This fermentation process does however result in some loss of antioxidants and anandamides.

These beans are unfermented so you can enjoy the fullest amount of antioxidants & anandamides.

You can easily ferment these beans yourself if you wish.

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Serving Suggestions:  Eat 10 - 15 beans whenever you want to feel energised and happy.  Goes well in trail mix, especially with goji berries.  Add to smoothies, juices, yoghurt and energy bars. They can also be ground in a greenstar or simlar juicer or coffee/spice grinder into a delicious rich powder & added to smoothies and other recipes