Ladyship Organic Essence Extractor - LS-658

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Pay by bank transfer & SAVE 3% = $436.40 freight free in NZ !!!

Revolutionary easy-to-clean KITCHEN WORKHORSE whips up green smoothies, power breakfasts & delicious healthy meals in NO TIME!

What is an Organic Essence Extractor?

This incredible machine is a powerful blender and juicer combined. Using this single machine you can create delicious, and nutritious:
- Juices
- Smoothies
- Green smoothies
- Nut milks
- Nut 'cheeses'
- Grind nuts and seeds
...and more.

This award-winning heavy-duty machine easily chomps up and pulverises nearly anything you dump in, and cleaning time is almost non-existent!

LadyShip Organic Essence Extractor LS-658 turns coffee beans and coarse sugar into powder and transforms raw carrots and beets to pure juice. It makes delicious smoothies and lip-smacking frappucinos in minutes, blending rock-hard ice cubes and frozen fruits quickly, easily and effortlessly!

It saves time in the kitchen, doesn’t leak and won’t make a mess! All you have to do is throw in just a few ingredients and you have a healthy meal, soup, drink or smoothie in minutes – even seconds!

Pay by bank transfer & SAVE 3% = $436.40 freight free in NZ !!!

They look great sitting on your bench top or stored away in your cupboard. Many other juicers & blenders take time to assemble, disassemble and reassemble half a dozen or more intricate parts every time you want to use them. With the Ladyship Organic Essence Extractor you can make a green smoothie in less than a minute and almond or soy milk in just 10 seconds. Easy…and so delicious!

here are many fantastic blenders, juicers and food processors on the market. We have tested a multitude of them and some really are great machines. However the Ladyship Organic Essence Extractor is unique in that this incredible machine is a powerful blender and juicer combined.

Homemade is healthier, so goodbye to those nasty preservatives, artificial flavourings, and ‘God-knows-what-else-they-put-in-there’ stuff from store-bought packaged foods. Dump in whole fruits – don’t worry about peeling or seeding – to make healthy delicious smoothies. Throw in some frozen fruit and cream to make yummy ice-cream, try some fresh herbs, a splash of milk, some garlic and a pinch of salt to get a delicious, low-calorie salad dressing.

When you use the LadyShip Organic Essence Extractor, smoothies and purees are velvety smooth. No chunky bits or seeds in your smoothies, and no lumps – just seriously smooth smoothies!

LadyShip Organic Essence Extractor is fitted with both a special fine filter and a coarse filter so you have complete control over the texture or smoothness of your blends, so you get them exactly how you like every time.But, when you invest top dollar in a machine you want a consistently reliable machine and not some pretty show pony that looks nice in your kitchen but doesn’t work well, right? Well fear not, the smart and versatile LadyShip Organic Essence Extractor will make your life easier! When finished, all you need do is add some water, a drop of dish soap and flick the on button to give it a thorough, high-powered clean. Then empty, rinse the container and that’s it.LadyShip Organic Essence Extractor is not only practical but also looks stunning. This machine is a true beauty that your guests, friends and colleagues will covet longingly.They will wish they had one not just for how good it looks in your home, but its practicality and ease of use.Not only do we stock a domestic model (which is more than enough for most domestic duties), the commercial unit is even tougher still. Designed specifically for bars, restaurants and hospitality businesses in mind, the commercial LadyShip Organic Essence Extractor can handle any busy day you throw at it.Both machines look simply stunning. The high break tolerance jar and high heat resistance jar make it a very practical machine. Your friends won’t believe how little you paid for it! Our satisfied customers tell us that the LadyShip Organic Essence Extractor looks to be worth 2-3 times its actual price.

Not only can this machine handle busy restaurants, it has also been designed with your family in mind – especially the little ones with sticky fingers! With its special jar lid safety lock and safety switch, this clever kitchen gadget will immediately turn itself off to prevent blowout, overheating or potential injury. The unit comes with a full-flow jar spout so you can pour your blend effortlessly right out of the blender, keeping the contents locked airtight to preserve the most nutrients and keep it fresh longer. LadyShip Organic Essence Extractor easily stores on the countertop, taking up little room and adding a hint of sophistication to your kitchen.This award-winning machine makes it simple for even an amateur to be a ‘masterchef!’

Check out the series of eight videos below. Double click your right mouse button on the video to enlarge to full screen. You will then be able to view each of the videos.


As you can see in the video demonstration above, this blender is highly suited to a raw food lifestyle. We've had a raw chef come to our house and given her a demonstration and they will be using these blenders at their retreats. People love them for both home and business as they're quick to use and super easy to clean.

I've read and believed until now that a blender needed a 1000+ watt motor to blend a smooth green smoothie but I've been disproved! This model (the one used in the video above) blends to a super smooth consistency at just 600 watts revving up to 16,000rpm. Beautiful!

I get asked every week "should I juice or blend" and my answer depends on the needs of the other person on the phone. With this machine, you can do both and at the awesomely low price, that is an amazing feat. The Ladyship comes with two filters, a coarse and a fine filter, that fit into the jug, allowing you to control the smoothness of your drink. They're both easy to clean and do their job beautifully. I like to have a juice first thing in the morning and follow up with a green smoothie an hour or so later so this is a perfect machine for me.

Basically we love the Ladyship because:
    It blends and juices
    It's 6 point blade system ensures that your fruits and greens are pulverised
    It has a unique safety system which makes it safer for children to use as well as technology which will have it turn itself off to prevent overheating. Lovely!
    It's a low cost kitchen
    It's attractive!
    We can use it for making many, many, things in the kitchen
    We can sell it with confidence

What's in the box?
    1 x blender motor
    1 x jug, blades, tap assembly
    1 x jug lid with safety arm
    1 x jug funnel
    1 x fine filter (#1)
    1 x coarse filter (#3)
    1 x recipe book (please note that not all of the recipes are raw or vegan)
    1 x instruction manual

Auto Smart Programming 60 second auto pulse function 60 second auto high speed function Manual Pulse function Jar lid safety lock and safety switch User friendly jar tap Full flow jar tap spout Electric overload reset switch 6 point high speed serrated blade 1.5 litre capacity jar High break tolerance jar Specification: Power Source: 220 – 240V ~ 50/60HZ Power Rated: 600 Watts Revolutions: 16,000 Rpm Bare Weight: 3.0 kg Bare Unit Size: 270(L) x 250(W) x 480(H)mm CE / CB International Approvals Australian Approval: A/12765EA Included Accessories: Easy to use jar food funnel / collector No 1 fine filter Patented pulp extraction filter No 3 coarse filter Patented pulp extraction filter LadyShip "Natural Organic" Recipe Book High heat resistant jar (up to 125 Celsius with no deleterious effects)

    Power Source: 220 - 240V
    Power Rated: 600 Watts 50/60HZ
    Revolutions: 16,000 RPM
    Net Weight: 3.0kg
    Unit Size: 270(L) x 250 (W) x 480 (H) mm
    Australian Approval Number: A/12765EA