VitaEasy High Powered Blender (2200 watts)

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VitaEasy High Powered Blender with 2200 watts of crunching power. A 10-year Manufacturer Warranty on Motor and 5-year on Parts.  Also comes with FREE nut milk bag ($30 RRP)

VitaEasy is from one of Asia's leading blender manufacturers, specialising in domestic and commercial blenders to the European market. Their history of design excellence continues with the addition of the VitaEasy VE-09698, 2200 watt, a high powered and high performance blender for the professional and domestic situation alike.

VitaEasy blender maintains the living food properties and the maximum whole nutritional value of raw food. The six blade cutting is quick and makes crushing ice and powderising condiments simple.

Compare the number of culinary tasks it performs with how often you'll use it and the VitaEasy instantly moves beyond a mere kitchen luxury to an everyday necessity. Achieve flavourful gourmet results with the speed and precision of a professional chef. The extremely powerful 2200 watt, 3-Peak Horsepower motor propels the blade tip speed up to 386 km / hour (40,000 RPM) to blend even the toughest ingredients. The shatter-proof polycarbonate container with easy grip handle is designed to create a powerful vortex to force ingredients up from the blades and back down the center for thorough processing.

It is equipped with a unique "Microprocessor Controlled Variable Speed", which automatically alternates the speed of the blades depending on the load in the heavy duty 1.85 litre Polycarbonate Jug (watch the Battle of the Blenders video below and see how this works in action).

This blender came out tops in the YouTube "Battle of the Blenders", and it was up against the Vitamix, one of the top blender brands. VitaEasy is not only a better blender, but it's also half the price of the Vitamix. BUT DON'T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, seeing is believing, so watch the video below.

Product Features
• Heavy duty 1.85 Litre Polycarbonate Container
• 3 Programs With Bright LCD Screen
• Metal to Metal Sealed Drive
• Microprocessor Controlled Variable Speed
• 2200 Watt, 3-BHP Commercial Grade Motor
• Replaceable Cutting Unit
• 10-Year Manufacturers Warranty on Motor & 5-years on Parts

Thomas Burstyn 27/08/2015
My new VitaEasy is a great blender, more powerful than the Vitamix, better warranty and much less expensive. A fabulous deal! .....

Morgan 14/01/2014
The VitaEasy is great. Exceeds expectations. Thanks a bunch.

Chandel 14/01/2014
Amazing blender. Very strong and powerful. I can imagine it'll do the job and then some. Definitely better than the Vita-mix and the variable speed is great.

Catherine 16/09/2013
Thanks for the amazing blender .. I think I won't need to buy another one in my lifetime! The Vita Easy is a great blender!

Kerry 21/02/2013
I'm at the beginning of a raw food journey so I bought a VitaEasy blender for making green smoothies, almond milk etc. It has been nick-named 'the beast' is so incredibly powerful and I can see it being one of my most useful kitchen appliances.