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LexSun Living Juice Extractor

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The Juicer you wish you’d always had

LexSun is a Live-Enzyme-Juice Extrac­tor that extracts the juice by the ‘cold-press’ method. At a speed of only 80 r.p.m. the live en­zymes and nutrients remain intact be­cause low speed avoids the destructive forces of high speed friction and heat often found with common centrifugal type juice extractors.

The LexSun producers’ painstaking research and design has achieved what no other single auger cold-press juicer has so far accomplished:
(1) The LexSun extracts more juice
(2) pulp no longer congests the juicing drum
(3) no back flow of juice.

Try this for yourself: Juice a kilo of watermelon, pineapple, oranges or any pulpy fruit. Now compare the results. Yes, LexSun gives you more, much more.

LexSun is easier to clean because you can say goodbye to back flow of the juice to the juicing collar. With no pulp congestion no more stopping to clean up the drum during juicing, which for single gear juicers can make continuation of juic­ing difficult and unpleasant.

LexSun quality is already well known, this latest innovative model has further enhanced its reputation as the very best of single gear Cold-Press Juice extrac­tors. Of course it is a multi purpose machine too, and it is so easy to assemble, operate, disassemble and clean. Safety has not been forgotten so LexSun incor­porates a built- in auto control to prevent over heating.

LexSun is a Vegetable and Fruit juice extractor
LexSun can extract juice from most vegetables. Juicing wheatgrass or barley­grass, celery, carrots, parsley, kale, ginger, sprouts, apples, spinach and cucum­ber is a breeze, and LexSun excels in juice extracting where lesser machines struggle, e.g. juicing watermelon, oranges, pineapples, tomatoes, grapes and other pulpy fruits.

LexSun has been tested and proved to produce up to 20% more juice from vari­ous vegetables and fruit than some single gear cold press juicers.

LexSun is also a Mincer.
- LexSun minces meat and fish, seasonings such as onions, garlic, scallion, radish, ginger and bell peppers. 

LexSun makes Noodles and Pastas.
Choose your preferred type of noodles or pasta and your LexSun does it with ease.
The LexSun Vegetable Slicer and Ice Shaver (Two in One), OR the Sesame Oil Extractor are available as optional extras.







Multipurpose Functions:
Perhaps the LexSun should be known as 8-in-1 juice/food appliance. LexSun is extraordinary versatile and capable of carrying out many tasks:
1. Vegetable Juice Extraction
2. Fruit Juicing,  Wheatgrass and Barleygrass Juic­ing, Meat and Fish Mincing, Mincing Seasoning,  Making Puree, Making Soy milk, Making Baby food, Pasta & Noodle Making, Making Frozen Desserts.

Optional Attachments:
(1) Slicing Vegetables and as Ice Shaver, OR (2) Sesame and Flaxseed Oil Ex­traction.
The Superior Cold-Press, single gear, LexSun Juicer is made by the same manu­facturer of Matstone.

Colours:  The LexSun is available in white or burgundy.

Warranty: Outstanding 12 yrs warranty on motor and 5 yrs on non wear & tear parts.

Box measurement:   L47 x W22 x H28cm
Push Buttons:    On/Off - Reverse Control.
Power:     160W
Shaft RPM:    80 rpm
Weight:     6.7kg
Carrying Handle:   Yes
Plunger / Pusher:   Yes
One Juice Container:   Yes
One Pulp Container:   Yes
One Pulp Strainer/Sieve:   Yes
Rigatoni pasta attachment:  Yes
Spaghetti pasta attachment:  Yes
Auger:     Yes
Drum:     Yes